Here are some Quicktime movies of our little ham - they should play on most viewers. If you have a problem, try using Apple's Quicktime player - you can download a free copy of the latest version either here (Mac) or here (Windows).

3/7/06: Pre-op: we listen to the sounds of the heartbeat monitor. (0:11)

3/7/06: Pre-op: mommy offers a thought on why Evan is oddly quiet. (0:27)

3/7/06: Pre-op: we wait for Evan to kick mommy. (0:20)

3/7/06: Go time: daddy is garbed up as an intern has a laugh. (0:20)

3/7/06: Less than 30 minutes old, Evan warms his bones under a heat lamp. (0:35)

3/7/06: Mommy ponders the same question every new mom asks at some point. (0:20)

3/8/06: Twenty hours post-birth, Evan and mommy are doing well. (0:24)

3/11/06: Daddy's parents noodle the proper naming conventions. (0:33)

3/11/06: Daddy extracts Evan from the carseat for the first time. (0:26)

4/2/06: A warmly-dressed Evan gets geared up for a walk. (0:43)

6/3/06: Looking at himself in the camera monitor, Evan shows he can take direction well. (0:22)

6/3/06: Evan shows off his golf grip. (0:25)

6/3/06: Evan enjoys another round of Grandma's Boopy-Boop game. (0:20)

6/11/06: Evan fights through another case of the hiccups. (0:35)

6/13/06: Evan displays his cranium control while being burped. (0:29)

6/24/06: Evan takes to the skies - it's the Plane Game. (0:33)

7/1/06: This is a brief convo with daddy from the swing. (0:30)

7/13/06: Evan works on a nice BM. (0:11)

7/15/06: Nana stops by for a visit with Evan. (0:37)

7/15/06: Mommy and Nana decide what should be done about Evan's thick eyebrows. (0:33)

7/15/06: Evan shows a special skill that reminds daddy of a scene from a movie. (0:56)

7/21/06: Some poorly lit scenes showing Evan having his first encounter with real food - rice cereal on a spoon. (2:01)

7/22/06: You may only watch this clip if you first promise you will not call Child Services on daddy. (0:37)

7/29/06: Evan gets a stock tip from Great Uncle Paul. The recommendation (Pearl Asian Mining Industries, Inc) was trading around 0.3 cents per share at the time. (0:42)

7/29/06: Evan hangs with Grandpa. (0:32)

7/29/06: Scenes from Evan's first ride on "cousin" Dolly (Uncle Tim and Aunt Korey's horse). It should be noted that Evan was a little cranky before the ride. At ~6M, this is a big file. (2:07)